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Rosie Dasgupta

Growl there!

I am Rosie, a pretty active Siberian Husky born in Oct 2020 in Pennsylvania. (You can say I am a COVID baby). I adore my older sister Anishka but often times when I get too active, she bosses around me like she is my older sister. But soon I will be older than her (you know what i mean) and then hope I can show her who the boss is!

I love to run and play outdoors. I also like to snoop around in my neighborhood. Love watching them through our front window. Winter is my favorite season. Playing in the snow is the best thing I love to do.

They say huskies are great escape artists. I do try hard to keep up with the tradition. Often times I go visit a school that is not far from my house, ALL BY MYSELF. I know most of the high schoolers and staff there.

Checking out the neighborhood

They always cuddle me, pet me and give me water. Somehow my parents always turn up to pick me up right away.

I love playing with my BFF Hazel. Good thing she lives not too far from me. Sometimes we even sneak out to see each other. Her sister has made a great video about our playtime. You should make sure you watch it on her page.

Playtime at home..

Playing in snow..

Playing with my BFF Hazel..

Knocking at the door after a long play in the snow ..

I love to run. These days I am training to run 10K with Anishka. Someday hopefully I can run an ultra soon and maybe give Bala and Deepak Uncle a run for their money (no pun intended).

Other than Hazel, my favorite things are cheese and tennis balls. Those are the only things you can use to bring me back if I escape.

Hope you like my bio and offer me playdate with other cute dogs I see on this webpage.

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Jan 29, 2022

what a great escape artist we have next door 😀 Hazel is always looking out of the window for her best friend “Rosie”. Sometimes, I do think they plan the day ahead about escaping and meeting each other. Such adorable friends❤️❤️


What a cutie !


Arvind Kandaswamy
Arvind Kandaswamy
Jan 29, 2022

Lovely Bio! Love those intent looking eyes. These videos are really great stress busters. Post more.

Escape artists! I have a friend who has a husky and he runs away too. To the school couple of blocks away. Glad they manage to find their way back.

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