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Loki Bhate

Woof, woof! I am The Party Pup Loki Bhate!

Hey, I want to try that cheese - pizza! The one Destiny and Apollo are enjoying at Central Park along with these little humans who are running miles and miles. So I made my puppy face and knew papa would fall for it and give me a pizza slice. I guess I met a few of you at Central Park, NYC, that sunny afternoon long run.

Now you know me. My name is Loki, and I am the naughty one. I’m named after Tom Hiddleston, Thor’s brother. Ah..this name was chosen even before I came to my house!

Well, I am an amazing big bro in the family. I am four years now and was born in NJ. But, like my family, I still feel I am a two-year-young pup.

Oh, back to pizza. You guessed, like Bhates, I am a total foodie. Actually, the Dhabba idea was mine. I loaned to papa Bhate, Woof, woof!!

Speaking of crazy things, I am crazy about you little humans. I love to see you, run at you, bark, and play with you till you drop.

I know the rhymes. Twinkle twinkle and Wheels on the bus are my favs. How do I know? My mama bathes me a lot, and I keep quiet only when she sings these poems. So I am ensuring she remembers them. This is a clue to other doggies and their mom and pops!

I like to pretend that I am busy, just like you all! Heya, I can read with my glasses on. Let’s discuss stocks!

Oh, I totally missed telling you. I am a native of NJ. I was one of the ten pups. Bhates chose me ( hehe, I chose them, they don’t get it) because I am a very berry adorable Golden-doodle.

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Adios, till next time, if you happen to be in my neighborhood, listen to my woof and stop by to say hello. Coffee on me treats on you!! (jokes, maybe).

See ya,


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