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Precious Sinha

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Meet Precious!! I am an almost 2 year old Sheepadoodle ( Sheep dog + Doodle mix). My parents ( Priyanka and Abhishek Sinha) got me home when I was 6 weeks old puppy. I was born on Apr 25th 2020 during peak COVID times. I loves playing and running around the house.

An exercise freak , doing daily 2 miles walks. Can run too but needs more stamina to do HM ( probably a training schedule for pets ;) )

I am very fond of my human siblings (Anusha and Ansh)

My sister can talk to me for hours without getting bored and I love being pampered.

I love belly rubs too. My family says I am absolutely precious to the family!! Woof, Woof!!

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