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Hazel Karimanal

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

I am Hazel, a labradoodle. My biological parents are Stella and Maxmillian. My human parents are Sridhar and Rekha. My big sister is Iniya. In dog years, I am probably Iniya's big sister. But, it is up for debate.

I love eating and don't know when to really stop. My vet said it is because the labrador in me is genetically programmed to eat more. I wish the vet didn't have to bring my family into this. My sister taught me a lot of tricks by feeding me treats. Now, I am very good with tricks and acting (see my videos below). I want to be a guard dog. However, my parents tell me that my excited tail-wagging when I meet people give away my intentions. I guess it is human's confusing way of saying that I am not scary enough. Whatever!

During the last 2 years, my family has learned from me that running and going outside is actually fun. Without my nudging, my family will be sitting around all day doing nothing. As part of RHWB, I have done a few 10K runs. But, I prefer doing short sprints. Did I say that I like chasing squirrels?

My best friend is Rosie, who is also part of RHWB doggies. She is my neighbor and I love playing with her. Make sure to check the video below. I hope she has nice things to say about me in her bio.

Check out the video of my life during the quarantine

Fun times with my BFF, Rosie

My Photo Album


For know more about me, check my Instagram page :

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