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Destiny Balaji

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Renu & Bala's princess, RHWB Doggies club exec member aka The RHWB Mascot , Black beauty,

Hello everyone!... Woof!!

My name is Destiny and I am a 7year old cute Husky/Shepherd mix. I am a natural born runner with genes that help me run long and hard easily. My longest run is a 22 miler with no gels or gatorades. Just water and some treats. Till date I have done 10+ half marathons and must have run more than 3000 miles in my life.. all at a far below conversational pace! This is because of my dad who forces me to run with him and he is slow and old. Putting my modesty aside, I can easily qualify for the Boston marathon if allowed to perform at my best. I have taken part in all 7 seasons of RHWB thus far. I have gotten medals, treats and the whole nine yards. One thing that totally bewilders me, though, is when my dad does this run fast run slow thing.. I heard they call it strides or some such thing. What a lame thing that is!.. Run slow and then run slower.. OH LORD! Give me a break..

Personally I love treats & toys. I prefer my dog food garnished with yummy stuff! I am single and it appears I will remain so for the rest of my life. Kinda sad .. almost living the life of a software engineer.

Playing around in the snow .. another child's play!

I am told I am very possessive by nature. Could be true to be honest. I just don't like other dogs talking to my people. Tell me which woman likes that? I totally love my family especially my two sisters - Diya and Disha. I spend all my time looking at my mom though. Somehow it gives me immense satisfaction.

Here you go...some pics of mine for you to drool over.. I would say these pics could have been hotter if I was given some time to .. ahhhmmm do some makeup! You know what I mean...I am a girl guys! You cant just take a picture of me randomly from all angles..anyway..Whatever..

Runs, treats and an occasional bone plus being with my family ALL the time- My life is complete and I am happy! Watch this space for more! Because there are many interesting sides to me !!

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