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All things winter clothing!

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Here you go.. a good collection of materials to get you started running in Winter!

'There is no such thing as too cold to run, only too bad gears' - A wise soul! Running in winter can be lot of fun if you prepare well for it. Infact there is every chance that after few runs in winter you may begin to dislike summer runnings! Trust us. We are not kidding!

Here you go collection of some good links, and resources

Overall TIP: 2 layers of every gear except shoes, fixes everything after 2 miles for next 2 hours. 222 is key formula for runners in winters. Yes avoid black ice, slow down

1. Winter gear pod cast : Check this out

2. Merino wool base layers for winter running (

3. TSLA 1 or 2 Pack Men's Thermal Compression Pants, Athletic Sports Leggings & Running Tights, Wintergear Base Layer Bottoms

4. TSLA 1 or 2 Pack Men's Thermal Long Sleeve Compression Shirts, Athletic Base Layer Top, Winter Gear Running T-Shirt

5. Pembrook Merino Wool Socks for Men & Merino Wool Socks for Women | Merino Wool Sock Pack 4 Pairs

6. Balaclava Full face mask and Transparent or sunglasses with cream in my face. Use thermals or layer up if it is below 45 degrees.

7. TrailHeads Ponytail Hat - Adrenaline Series | Women’s Running Beanie with Reflective Accents | Black Skull Cap

8. TClian Women's Ear Warmer Winter Head Band Ski Ear Muff Stretch Hair Band for Running Yoga Skiing & Daily Wear

9. Aegend Lightweight Running Gloves Warm Gloves Mittens Liners Women Men Touch Screen Gloves Cycling Bike Sports Compression Gloves for Winter Early Spring Or Fall, 6 Colors, 3 Sizes

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