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Yoga For Runners


Introducing "Yoga For Runners" through our partner organization ''.


How does Yoga help runners?

  • Enhances flexibility, reducing muscle tightness and risk of injury

  • Strengthens key muscle groups essential for running

  • Improves endurance and performance through targeted poses

  • Cultivates mindfulness and breath control for better pacing

  • Facilitates post-run recovery by reducing muscle soreness

  • Develops body awareness, alignment, and balance

  • Optimizes running mechanics, minimizing repetitive strain

  • Fosters a holistic approach to fitness, benefiting both body and mind.


What is

  • Fitnesskriya pairs you on a 1-1 yoga session with yoga professionals (Masters/PhD in Yoga Therapy) for a personalized yoga session

  • The session will be in the comfort of your home (Through video calls) at an amazing price!

How does this work?

  • Watch the podcast below to learn more.

  • Sign up using this link: High With Bala-192-MAIGYWRG

  • This is a special offer for RHWB. If you are unsure if yoga is for you long term, FitnessKriya is generously offering 3 free classes before you make a decision to continue. RHWB Runners get 10% discount flat (As low as $15 for an hour!.. even lower if you choose higher plan).

  • Once you register, a Fitnesskriya team member will call you for a personalized onboarding experience and the right teacher pairing.

  • You are free to cancel the membership after the three free classes if you feel this is not for you, but we highly encourage you to try it out!

THE RHWB Suryathon- A 108 guided  Suryanamskara challenge on May 4th 2024

  • Fitnesskriya is offering complimentary online group yoga sessions for RHWB running community!

  • Join us for 6 invigorating sessions every Saturday at 10 am EST, starting March 16th until May 4th.

  • These sessions are designed to build the skills needed for our exciting event The RHWB Suryathon - a 108 guided  Suryanamskara challenge on May 4th 2024

  •  Secure your spot !!Register using the link .

  • This will make you eligible for all 6 group classes and the grand Suryathon event.

  • All you need is a laptop, your yoga mat, a water bottle, and optional yoga blocks/strap. 

Coach Bala chats with one of the Yoga instructors (Dimple) and founder of (Madhu) on What is Yoga, Why Yoga, Why Yoga for Runners, Yoga as a therapy and the 'special offering for RHWB runners'.. 

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