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Yoga For Runners


Yoga is an amazing recovery workout for runners with some stunning results! Essentially Yoga is all about controlled stretching with focus on breathing. This gives a huge amount of flexibility to your body which in turn has a serious positive impact on recovery.

Introducing "Yoga For Runners" through our partner organization '' . 


What is

  • Fitnesskriya pairs you on a 1-1 yoga session with yoga professionals (Masters/PhD in Yoga Therapy) for a personalized yoga session

  • The session will be in the comfort of your home (Through video calls) at an amazing price!


How does this work?

  • Watch the podcast below to learn more.

  • Sign up using this link: High With Bala-192-MAIGYWRG

  • This is a special offer for RHWB. You get 3 free 1-1 class with Yoga gurus to first test it out and see if this is good for you. Then if you like it you can choose a plan. RHWB Runners get 10% discount flat (As low as $15 for an hour!.. even lower if you choose higher plan)

  • If you do not want to sign up for the fully paid version now,it is highly recommeneded to do the 3 free classes to get a sense!

Coach Bala chats with one of the Yoga instructors (Dimple) and founder of (Madhu) on What is Yoga, Why Yoga, Why Yoga for Runners, Yoga as a therapy and the 'special offering for RHWB runners'.. 

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