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" 2024 Bank of America Boston Marathon completed. Apr 15, 2024. Thank you all for your wishes. Special thanks to Coach Sujaa and Indu for believing in me and all their support. Also to the RHWB team members. It was a tough race and unexceptionally hot day. "
- Jayeeta Roy

Jayeeta Roy

" There was a time where exercise for me was to get x number of minutes on watch. I used to hear about marathoners(full/half) but never considered myself capable of such feat.

Luckily I joined this wonderful group, methodical training began. With each week during Season, Coach Indu guided meticulously towards end goal. Soon the day of half marathon arrived, nerves tingling with anticipation, surrounded by fellow runners, I felt a sense of camaraderie and shared determination.

Yesterday I completed my first half marathon in JC. Many thanks to Coach Indu! She leads by example, completing her Tokyo Marathon despite numerous challenges. Thank you and looking fwd to next season. "
-Sumit Singh

Sumit Singh

" This was a fun one, running with Bobby, Deepak and Anand! So glad I went for it! Thanks for the support everybody, and Coach @Srivatsan Sathyamurthy, as always, couldn’t have done it without your guidance and problem solving. The sock upgrade totally kept blisters at bay and allowed for the PR! "
-Samyuktha Sundar

Samyuktha Sundar

" My name is Anishka Dasgupta. I just ran my first ever HM with my dad, Anand, this weekend and with the support of my mom, Shilpa in Newport. My mom @Shilpa and coach bala uncle @Bala helped me with the training. Before, I had run numerous 10ks in RHWB and this was the first HM. I am overjoyed and extremely happy to have run my first HM and cross the finish line with a smile. Thank you RHWB! "
-Anishka Dasgupta

Anishka Dasgupta

" Distance Marathon Time - 4:55. Official Time 5:04. Almost ran 0.75 miles more

Groin troubles v badly last 5 miles . Just literally held my groin in my hand and ran !!!!!

Thank you so much coach @Srivatsan Sathyamurthy . U continue to change my life every season. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Special mention for coach @Shariq who encouraged me every step!!!!

Thank you RHWB 🙏🙏🙏🙏.
Did not have the best Training but glad I could RUn.
Ofcourse special thanks to my wife Coach @Shilpa . Putting up with a crazy guy running so many races is not easy :) "
-Anand Dasgupta

Anand Dasgupta

" I have been truly skeptical of my own running abilities since having an injury about a year ago and it has been quite frustrating tbh. It is because I can still feel lingering effects of it and I feel that has stopped me from getting back to pre-injury self. Regardless of that, I believe being part of a wonderful program like RHWB has provided me with the discipline needed to keep moving in spite of all my perceived bottlenecks. First and foremost, a huge shout out to Coach Bala not only for creating strong programs but for creating a caring community as well. This is so evident in the volunteers showing up selflessly to events like today’s at the Jersey City or Dallas or anywhere else and provide encouragement and support. A special thanks to coach Indu and others who just recognized me by my shirt and shared words of encouragement along the way. I also want to highlight the message from the race day call which stuck with me as I felt nervous and anxious before the start of the race. Bhagvad Gita’s message which was so beautifully explained by Coach Bala in the running context helped settle down much of the nerves.

It is not only helpful but necessary when you work with a coach who takes time to understand your unique situation. I am blessed to have Coach Shariq as my coach, who has been so positive and supportive throughout this journey that I cannot even fully express. He has provided all the right feedback at the right times but more importantly helped instill the confidence in me which was much needed. You are a wonderful individual coach and I look forward to working with you in the next season and beyond.

Of course, none of this is possible without the steadfast support of my family, who have put up with my scheduled training. They say that running a full marathon is like having a part-time job in terms of commitment of time. As I crossed the finish line, I could see how proud my wife and kids were seeing me finish the race that had been my goal for over a couple of years.

Happy running everyone! "
-Neeraj Nagpal

Neeraj Nagpal

After NYCM, I realized that I need to change the strategies the approach and many others strings which kept pulling me back,
I trained without a break between the season,
I lost 13 lbs of weight, I ate good calories only!! The training went so well that started hitting the paces which I used to run with, Until I thought everything was going just according to my plan, the happiness turned into a big nightmare when my right leg totally gave up while running, I couldn’t feel the whole leg, it went completely numb with sharp pain & spasms, as if there was no leg, multiple issues, The disc bulge gave way to sciatic, calf muscles are in spasms, pulled a thigh muscle, shin splints, IT band became tight and sore.
I wonder how everything suddenly appeared and became a huge mountain in front me. This is all exactly a month before the race, I couldn’t do 20 miler, gave break for 4 days tried running 20 miles on Tuesday, excruciating pain started radiating everywhere in the leg , that moment I broke so badly, I thought this season is again gonna be a total washout inspite of so much work I put in, then I stopped running completely for the next 10 days, Simultaneously I had to do take more steps to recover faster, I got acupuncture sessions, chiropractor, marma therapy, Art of living’s pain killing light therapy, continuous self affirmations, lot of chanting, self talk , meditation.
2 weeks before the marathon I could do only 2 miles as pain started bothering again, I simply walked back home asking myself what will be the end result, how I’m even gonna get through this pain … next day went with 3 miles with mild pain
then 5 miles in mild pain, so on.. that week ended with Friday running 4 miles, Saturday 8 and Sunday I did 10 miles tempo just to check if I’m good with paces, managing the pain and everything else.
Later when I went Tokyo, flight travel triggered the pain, i ran 2 miles & 3 miles on Wednesday and Thursday respectively with mild discomfort. As I couldn’t do much I thought I’ll stick with Plan A if everything goes well on race day else I’ll have to quickly construct Plan B on the course, at 3rd mile the pain went to peak, I had to take medication and run slow for sometime and when the meds kicked in I took off!!

This season was progressive but had major hurdles - mentally drained me every moment, as it’s not only running we have 100 situations to handle & cater everything and be present for everyone emotionally.
So with 70% of training and only 2 long runs I was still able to shave off 1 hr from last marathon best.
Any Full Marathon season has its tears, fears, dreams, nightmares, surprises, successes and failures 🙏 "
-Soujanya Karre

Soujanya Karre

" 🏃‍♀️🏅 Today marks a monumental milestone in my journey – completing my first marathon. It’s a moment filled with immense gratitude and a deep sense of accomplishment. None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of my loving husband, who stood by me as my pillar of strength, encouraging me every step of the way.

I owe a heartfelt thanks to my coach @⁨~Manoj ostawal⁩ , whose remarkable patience and consistent motivation propelled me forward, especially during the toughest moments. His guidance has been instrumental in shaping this incredible journey.

A pivotal moment in my confidence came from witnessing Bala’s running commentary at Tokyo marathon. Despite battling lower back pain. His determination and resilience served as a beacon of inspiration, reminding me that challenges are inevitable, but with perseverance, there’s always a way forward.

Today, having crossed the finish line, I carry with me a valuable lesson – where there’s a will, there’s always a way. This journey has taught me the strength that resides within, the significance of a supportive network, and the power of resilience.

To my husband, my coach, and everyone who played a part in this journey, thank you for being my source of strength and inspiration. Here’s to embracing new beginnings and conquering countless more miles ahead. 🌟 #MarathonFinisher #Gratitude #NewBeginnings "
-Arathi Ramesh

Arathi Ramesh

" I never thought that it will go this way but felt very happy after completing and not giving up in between. I just want to thank @⁨Sujaa⁩ (you are an awesome coach!!) for training, learnings and constant feedback , @⁨~hitesh khandelwal⁩( my college buddy who referred me to RHWB), @⁨Bala Sankaran⁩ for building this community and entire RHWB runners community for constant inspiration🙏. I never felt this HIGH after running this way and was just thinking about the apt name of this group and why it make so much of sense. It’s so true that Running/Sports teaches you about handling life hurdles so differently. I am more clear now for my goals of next season 🏃🙏🙏 "
-Avinendra Chauhan

Avinendra Chauhan

" Folks, sharing my first marathon journey with everyone.

This is my second season with RHWB – I completed a few HMs last year and decided to target FM in the next season. I was fortunate that I got assigned to Coach Manoj’s cohort. Since it was my first FM, I only wanted to focus on finishing it. However, after studying my running history, Coach felt that I could do a sub 4.30. I agreed to take up the challenge – based on that he crafted a tailor-made training plan tuned towards hitting that goal. The first two weeks were really tough since the plan is based on the concept of cumulative fatigue and entailed running 6 days a week with only one rest day. But week 3 the plan started working !!! and after that I enjoyed every bit of the training .

Coach made sure to track every run meticulously to avoid injuries. there were times when I missed certain workouts due to weather or personal / work commitments and he made sure I switch speed / tempo workouts with easy / recovery runs so I don’t put too much stress on the body. I finished the training with zero injuries!!!

Four weeks before race day, I was ready for a sub 4:30. He made few tweaks to the subsequent runs to maximize my performance. Finally on race day @ Jersey City I finished my first FM strong with a PR of 4:14.

Coach Manoj @⁨~Manoj ostawal⁩ , I’m really thankful for all your support, mentoring and for being with me every step of the way. I look forward to hitting many more PRs under your guidance, in the near future. "
-Sid Sakhardande

Sid Sakhardande

" I completed my first full marathon yesterday which was a literal slog. I’m still feeling the pain this morning and not being able to bend my left leg in certain angles but boy was it worth it 😀 I’ve had knee issues that go back 10 years and unfortunately this flared up around the 15/16 mile and got to a point in mile 18 where I could barely stand up straight. My incredible Coach Nayana made it her mission to drag me to the finish line. She literally was with me every step of the way from start to end of the marathon pacing me and walked with me the last 8 miles to get me through. If I quit walking I think she would have carried me to the finish line. If not for her I’d have given up on this race multiple times over. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve a Coach like Nayana but I am incredibly grateful and indebted! Coach Nayana demonstrated what I consider true resilience in sacrificing her race to see me through to the end 🙏🙏 Coach Nayana and RHWB have taken White Glove service to a whole new level 👏

It’s given me a great amount of joy to see the incredible stories of inspiration from our many fellow RHWB runners yesterday and and you can add my experience to the RHWB lore of giving and giving and giving and finding new depths to continue giving. I was incredibly humbled yesterday by my physical frailty but at the same time have tons more confidence in myself to do things I thought were in the realms of fantasies and for that I have to thank my Coach Nayana again for inspiring and instilling that in me and Coach Bala and all the other Coaches and Support Staff and Cheer Squads, Volunteers that make RHWB what it is. A grateful person who has been blessed by this community 🙏🙏 "
-Jitu Bhurat

Jitu Bhurat

" RHWB is magical and all our coaches are magicians. They believe in giving and make us believe in ourselves, our dreams, and a dash of pixie dust..🪄🪄.
Thank You Coach Indu, Coach Bala, Renu, Coach Shankar, Roopa, Sapna, Coach Sridhar, Coach Suren, Arvind, Coach Nayana, Anand, Apara, Soujanya, Vandana, Manisha, Rakesh, Mona, Dimple, Poonam and many many friends from our RHWB community for being part of my journey!! Thank you to all our dear coaches for sharing their wisdom and time on making impossible dreams come true
#GratitudeGalore.#RHWBMagic #TrulyBlessed #MarathonFinisher. "
-Ramanpreet Kohli

Ramanpreet Kohli

" Good Day, RHWB.
I completed my first Marathon yesterday May 19th at the 28th Med City Marathon in Rochester, MN. It was a great experience and feeling to cross the finish line - a testament to the RHWB Magic. My Thanks and Gratitude to my Coach Nayana, my wife Jyoti and my Family, Coach Bala and all the Coaches, my Cohort team, and the entire RHWB community. The constant support, guidance, motivation, education, and nudging truly helped created “Magic in Motion” in my case. I pivoted from someone who had trouble completing a 5K prior to joining RHWB 2 yrs ago, to being able to complete a Full Marathon on a beautiful glide path that vastly improved my physical and mental strength and made me a better holistic person. *Coach Nayana always found a nugget of good even in what I considered my worst practice runs and gave me the footing to build confidence and grit*. Appreciate everything this RHWB village does to leave no runner behind.

I met 2 incredible runners during my run y’day. A 78 old runner who ran 25 Med City Marathon races and many other Marathons throughout the world and had a hip replacement surgery last year and was back to complete a Half Marathon. He regaled me with stories of his professional and volunteer work for the first 10 miles.
Then I ran for another 10 miles with another runner who was the 6 hr pacer and he casually mentioned that he ran many marathons . I later learnt that this runner is a legend, Tom Perri. This was his *689th Marathon* and his 28th Med City Marathon. He is battling stage 4 prostate cancer and just published a book, with all proceeds going to American Cancer Society. It was a humbling and grateful experience to meet these type of incredible human beings.

In true RHWB philosophy, as Coach Bala says - *This is not the End, but just the Beginning* - for my Marathon journey. "
-Sreeni Checka

Sreeni Checka

" Vihan secured first place at DE 10k on April 22nd. Congrats Vihan👏👏👏👏- Coach Manoj

Vihan’s Mom shares her son’s experience ⬇️

Vihaan is blessed to have Manoj as his coach! It is challenging for 12 years olds to learn proper running technique through an online program like this. That’s why we were thrilled that Manoj got into coaching as we live close by.

Manoj actually ran with Vihaan on weekends and trained him giving tips that a 12 year old could relate to. He planned his race miles, advised on appropriate food and rest before the race. He called Vihaan before and after the race to cheer him up even though he was traveling to India the same day. Vihaan has found a guide in Manoj for the sport they both love ❤️ "
-Vihaan Vartak

Vihaan Vartak
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