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Dr. Shailender Karry

Internal Medicine

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Hello Runners,
I am Dr.Shailender Karry, An Internist by profession, Living in Edison. My wife Soujanya and daughter Dhanashri are avid runners as well. Dhanashri is in 7th grade and is preparing for 6th Half Marathon, I also have son Tattva who is in 2nd grade. He ran 5k in season 6 and preparing for 8k now.

I graduated from St. Barnabas hospital in Bronx , NY. I am a board certified Internist, practicing in Maple wood, NJ since 2008. I was awarded the best Internist in Maplewood in 2010 & 2011.

I ran 2 Half Marathons with RHWB in Season 4 & Season 5, later in season 6 I did 10k and now preparing for 10k again. I’ve always been a sports enthusiast & still keep great interest in cricket & soccer. I was greatly influenced by my wife and daughter for taking up running along with great motivation from our wonderful head coach Bala, so decided to run and now running has become a passion.

A structured training program from coach Bala, brought a lot of discipline and self belief. I am now more efficient in time management and multitasking.

Looking forward I would like to continue running and make a positive impact to the society as well as my patients.

Dr. Shailender Karry
Spring Fashion

Note from RHWB Management: All our RHWB doctors are extremely busy professionals in their day job. They have graciously agreed to volunteer some of their time/knowledge to help our RHWB community. They are happy to have a chat with you, and guide you as needed on any medical questions / next steps (such as referrals). Please use adequate discretion in reaching out to them. A prelim request over email or whatsapp seeking some time is recommended first step.  

In case you want to connect with this Doctor, pls communicate with your Asst coach for contact details

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