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Dr. Raghunandan Sundaram


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I am Dr. Raghu Sundaram, a pediatrician, live in Edison, New Jersey with my beautiful wife, Shubha. I am also a runner. Completed 2 half-marathons and 2 10Ks with RHWB team.

Our family is complete with 21 year old triplets, an eleven-year-old girl and a 7 year old golden retreiver. My oldest son Roshan (albeit only by few mins!) is a a full-marathoner with RHWB and attends Columbia University. My second son Rohit is training to be a naval officer @Annapolis Naval Academy and ran in Season 1 with RHWB. The third in the triplets is my daughter Poonam who is a pre-med student at Rutgers, an army medic, and likes to run with and inspire the younger girls in RHWB to become tough nuts as in the army! Our youngest daughter Shreeda has been with RHWB since Season 1 and has done multiple half-marathons, an 8K, and a speed 5K. Shreeda along with few of her friends are amongst the longest running members of RHWB. (Season 1 to 7 straight)

Professionally, I am a board-certified pediatrician. I completed my internship at Beth Israel Hospital in New York and my residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York with special interests in cardiology, asthma allergy, and pediatric orthopedics.

Under the guidance of Coach Bala, I have been with RHWB since Season 1 and have completed multiples half-marathons and 10Ks. I was always passionate about sports growing up and running has helped me strengthen my stamina and endurance in other activities, particularly golf.

Looking forward, I hope to continue running for life and to inspire my patients and community about the joys and benefits of physical fitness. I also hope to utilize the platform of mental/phsyical fitness that I have found through running to explore other vistas such as hiking, mountaineering.

Life is short and I want to live it rather than just exist!

Dr. Raghunandan Sundaram
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Note from RHWB Management: All our RHWB doctors are extremely busy professionals in their day job. They have graciously agreed to volunteer some of their time/knowledge to help our RHWB community. They are happy to have a chat with you, and guide you as needed on any medical questions / next steps (such as referrals). Please use adequate discretion in reaching out to them. A prelim request over email or whatsapp seeking some time is recommended first step.  

In case you want to connect with this Doctor, pls communicate with your Asst coach for contact details

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