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Dr. Manova David


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My name is Manova David. I live in Massillon, OH. While I am not a seasoned runner yet, I definitely plan to be soon!. This is my first season with RHWB and am training for a 10K run. I would like to do “long distance running for a long time.” and enjoy the multiple health benefits one can experience. What I like about this training is the structured approach to a long distance running goal. It is not about doing everything too soon, too quickly and too fast!

During my UG days in India, I was considered as a sporty person. I have represented my college both in Soccer and Field Hockey, and we have won multiple university championships. However, a lack of exercise for a few years has made me a bit of a couch potato. I am hoping to get back in shape with RHWB’s fun filled coaching.

I am blessed with a lovely family - My wife (Nisha Manova) (also in her first season with RHWB) and two daughters Angelena and Christena.

I am a General Cardiologist by profession and practice in Canton, Ohio. Prior to my Cardiology training, I had extensive General Medicine and Diabetology training (both in India and in UK). Even though it is a busy lifestyle, I love and enjoy my profession.

I am hoping to help the RHWB teammates professionally with some health tips and drive impact in peoples lives.

Looking forward for an exciting “Mind over Miles” season.

Dr. Manova David
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Note from RHWB Management: All our RHWB doctors are extremely busy professionals in their day job. They have graciously agreed to volunteer some of their time/knowledge to help our RHWB community. They are happy to have a chat with you, and guide you as needed on any medical questions / next steps (such as referrals). Please use adequate discretion in reaching out to them. A prelim request over email or whatsapp seeking some time is recommended first step.  

In case you want to connect with this Doctor, pls communicate with your Asst coach for contact details

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