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Sujaa Raghunath

Assistant Coach

aka Priya, Coffee Connoisseur, Tennis Fan, Badminton Enthusiast, Eager Hiker and now a Fervent Runne


Hey there, My name is Sujaa.

I live in Westford MA with my husband Raghu, two sons Vishal & Rithvik and our dog Max. I work at the Broad Institute, a non-profit research organization. Some of the things I enjoy most are - a good cup of coffee, traveling, and hiking, more so if it can be combined with the company of friends and family. I love playing board games, from Clue to Carom, and enjoy a good challenge. I took up badminton about 15 years ago and played regularly for several years.

I started my long-distance running journey in 2019 and mostly only ran 5Ks. I joined RHWB in January 2020 convinced by Coach Bala to give his half marathon program a try. I have since then completed 2 Half Marathons in 2020 and 2 Full Marathons in 2021 through this program- all virtual- the most recent being the 125th Boston Virtual Marathon. I never thought I would get hooked on running and now hope to participate in real races going forward. I’m thankful to continue this one activity regularly through Covid times.

S7 will be my fifth season as a runner in RHWB and my second season as Assistant Coach. I look forward to another exciting season helping other runners realize their goals.

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