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Anirudha Joshi

Assistant Coachj

A Sports Enthusiast - Cricketer, Golfer, Badminton Player, and Long-distance Runner


Hello everyone, My name is Anirudha, aka Ani.

I live in Edison New Jersey with my wife Arti and kids; Ayush and Arjun. We are a runners family :), all of us are part of RHWB group for couple of years now, love every bit of the program and together have completed long distance races.

On a professional front, I am working for Amazon in New York.

I have been in sports since my childhood, having represented my school and college team in Cricket and Badminton. My running journey started in 2013. Getting an inspiration from my friend, In 2013, I made a new year’s resolution to learn long distance running and finish a half marathon race. In October 2013, I ran my first half - Staten Island Marathon. Crossing the finish line of that race was one of the best feelings. I loved the simplicity and convenience of this sport and while running can be physically exhaustive, I found it mentally and emotionally recharging. Since that day, running has become a passion and habitual routine. I targeted to complete 2-3 races every year and have completed close to 20 half marathon till date. In addition to running, I play cricket, Golf, badminton and love to go out for hikes with my family and friends.

During pandemic, I witnessed the positive impact Bala and RHWB program is making in people’s lives. I decided to join RHWB force in 2020 with an objective to help new runners from my own running experience. S7 is my second season as an Assistance Coach.

My coaching philosophy is very simple, “slow but steady makes you a better runner. Let's focus on building a foundation, developing and sharpening that foundation, and finally… letting it roar on a race day !!!!!”.

Happy Running !!

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