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Suren Mallick

"If you want to go fast go alone.

If you want to go far go together."

Suren lives in Frisco, TX with his wife Pammi and his son Apoorv. His roots are from India and to be specific Benaras, which is one of the sacred and holy places with millions of visitors every year.

Needless to say he is also passionate about running but when he is not running, he loves to read books, catch up with friends and network with new people. He is a technology enthusiast and loves brainstorming new ideas and discuss how technology would would influence human behavior.

He believes in continuous improvement and the theory of growth mindset and strive towards being a lifelong learner.

Lastly, he is spiritual and likes to spend time meditating and worshipping the almighty.

On the work front, he is a technology and product leader with an expertise in leading large scale business transformations for telecom, utility, health care and public safety enterprises. He has lived and worked in US, India, Canada and Hong Kong.

Currently, he works with Citibank. In his role, he leads strategy , operations and transformation for business operations reporting function.

Coming back to running, while in Benaras he was amongst the least athletic people in school and college, and this continued during his professional life. He was overweight and for most part of his young age made peace with it and considered it a part of his identity. It was only when he was about 30, he took up running for the first time with an intent to reduce weight and improve his overall health.He started on his own and soon realized that it may not be his cup of tea.

He could still see some improvement and persisted a little beyond his comfort zone and similar to what many others might have experienced, he got hooked up.


That extra effort pushed him over the edge and now he was an enthusiast albeit a newbie. Taking one step at a time from half a mile to one mile and then more after a span of 8 months, he was was able to complete his first 5k. At this point he believed that he already achieved the Zenith and convinced himself that it was his ultimate limit and achieved his goal.


Looking back, he thinks that to run beyond, he lacked a coach, structured training program and some much-needed company.

While undergoing several changes in his profession life running had always been in his mind. Eventually, he settled down in Frisco and in the first week of January 2021, he reached out to GV Ganesh (part of RHWB in Dallas) to help him restart his running journey with an intent to finish 10K. Since RHWB Season 5 had already started, GV graciously offered him to coach on the side. Over the next 14 weeks, GV shared the structured training schedule, monitored his runs and provided valuable guidance. GV encouraged Suren to train for a half marathon. At first it sounded unassailable however throughout 2021 he went from 5 miles to 7 miles and eventually in April 2021, he completed his first half marathon.

Thereafter, he formally joined RHWB as part of Season 6. In 2021 and 2022, he ran 7 half marathons which included the 50th and 51st edition of the Dallas Half Marathon. RHWB has changed him in a variety of ways. The endurance training helped me to get back in shape and improved his confidence levels. 
Thanks to RHWB, running is now a family sport. In Season 8, he was accompanied by his wife and son who ran their first 10K.In Season 9, he ran his first Full Marathon at Jersey City Marathon.In Season X, Suren trained for his first World Major Marathon in Chicago and completed it.  He ended Season X with a PR performance at Dallas Half Marathon

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