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Shilpa Mathkar

"Never Stop Trying To Become a

 Better Version Of Yourself"

Shilpa Mathkar is excited to be an RRCA-certified Coach in RHWB. Season 9 is her second season as coach and fifth as a runner. She lives in Edison, NJ with her runner husband, 14 yr. old daughter and a very active Siberian Husky. Originally from Mumbai (She still likes to call it Bombay), she works as a senior scientist in a reputed Pharma Company in NJ.

She has been active in recreational sports most of her teenage and young adult life. After a meniscal tear and ACL injury in 2009, she switched to gym workouts as a form of maintaining physical fitness. With no prior running experience, she got introduced to RHWB running program through Deepak/Moni in late 2020 (Season 5) during the pandemic time. She was fascinated to learn about the science behind endurance running and wealth of knowledge provided by Coach Bala for an injury-free, sustainable and long term running. It completely defied her longtime misunderstanding that running was all about speed and meant only for younger people. She is proud to admit that introduction to running through RHWB has been one of the most life-changing events and would forever be grateful that it happened just when the world could use some more positivity in life.

She is super proud of the completion of her first full marathon in Season 8 at Atlantic City. It has given her even more appreciation for the sport and human endurance. She has run 3 official half marathons so far (Seasons 5 and 6 in RHWB and 2021 Philly Marathon) and a few more as part of FM training.

In her free time, she enjoys watching good movies, listening to music, gardening, outdoor activities and travelling. She strongly believes that running is one of the best ways to explore local places. She loves doing destination runs, some of her recent favorites being in Norway and Sweden.

Being in RHWB has changed her into a more outgoing and caring person who appreciates the beauty and ability which lies within each of us. A strong proponent of active lifestyle (especially among women), she loves to inspire people to embrace an awareness of physical/mental fitness. Firmly believes “Never stop trying to become a better version of yourself” at any age. Looking forward to introducing more people to the joy and benefits of running.


"Coach Induction Ceremony" - RRCA Black Jacket Award

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