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"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. - Albert Camus"

Shariq is an RRCA certified coach who started running as an adult to counter his seasonal allergies. By indulging in regular running he was able to build a strong cardiovascular function and thus avoided being put on regular medication. Initially he started running a couple of miles every other day until he met a friend of his - Aaamar who inspired him to take on longer distances. Under Aamar’s guidance Shariq did his first half marathon in the middle of 2017 and then his first full marathon later that year. Since then Shariq has run 11 full marathons of which 3 gave him Boston qualifications. Shariq attributes his success in achieving Boston Qualifying to perseverance and being lucky that he didn’t face any significant injury during his training cycles.


Endurance running has opened up other doors in outdoor activities that wouldn’t have been possible without the mental and physical endurance that one builds with long distance running.

Shariq is now an avid hiker who has hiked Mount Whitteny, Mount Washington, Presidential Traverse (New Hampshire) and Supai Village in Grand Canyon. This group of endurance runners have recently started winter hikes with a successful summit of Mount Marcy in 2023 winter.


Shariq loves reading and listening to podcasts while doing conversation pace running. These podcasts cover a wide range of topics focusing mainly on social sciences. Hour long gentle runs give Shariq the freedom to get lost in the outdoors and meditate on the podcast topics. 


Shariq has the support of a community of talented and helpful runners with a regular exchange of running tips and encouragement to each other. Shariq attributes this positive environment as the main reason why he has been able to continue running for so long. Inspired by these selfless individuals, Shariq decided to give back to his community by joining as a certified coach with RHWB from season ten.


Shariq Samad

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