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"Dont focus on results. Focus on actions that produce desired results."

Shankar is an experienced coach based out of Monroe Township, NJ, and started with RHWB in early 2020. His inspiration to run came from his 10-year-old son, Pratham Rao who is one of the fastest Half-Marathon runners in the group. His wife Roopa is a runner and a volunteer for several RHWB activities.  Shankar works as a Technology Strategist in a software company based out of CA.

As he ran his Half Marathons with RHWB, Shankar was able to inspire several kids ( 9-12 years)  in his community to take up running as a sport. This led to their parents and friends joining the 5K/10K programs.

Shankar has been coaching a group of 25-30 runners for the last 3 seasons. He has coached many kids to qualify and participate in Track and Cross Country in school.

Shankar has completed 6 Half Marathons and will be running a full marathon this season. He believes in process-based training and has been driving results through meticulous planning.

Shankar travels extensively for work and pleasure. When he is not traveling or running, Shankar spends time hiking with his family and friends. He is a big movie buff ( Holly, Bolly, any wood! ) and will keep you engaged!


Shankar Rao

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