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Season X Race Day Oct 15 - FAQ

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Please bookmark this page as we will continue to update as more information becomes available.

When is the official RHWB Race scheduled?

Oct 15, 2023

What races are scheduled to take place?

Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K. 

Where is the race taking place?

The race will take place at Colonial Park, Somerset NJ. Participants will run on the towpath along the historic D&R Canal.  See below for an interactive race course map with the locations of the registration desk, aid stations, restrooms, etc. 

How long is the course?

The course is approximately 6.5 miles one way. There will be mile markers and aid stations along the way.  For 5K, 10K and Half Marathoners, there will be signs where to turn around to go back to the finish line.  

What sort of surface does the race course have?

The D&R Canal towpath is a gravel path. It is a flat course with no elevation.

What time do the races begin?

Half Marathon 8 am

10K 9 am

5K 10 am

This is the flag-off time. Please plan to arrive at least thirty minutes prior which will give you adequate time to walk from the Parking lot to the race start area and collect wristbands for the race.

Full Marathoners, please see a separate section below.

Where do I park my vehicle?


Use Parking Lot F to park your vehicle. The overflow Parking lot is Parking Lot A. Once you park follow the signs to reach Registration Desk. There is a five to seven minute walk from the Parking Lot to the Registration Desk. Please allow adequate time to get to Registration Desk.


Where is the Registration Desk located?

Registration Desk is located at the starting point of the race course, about five to seven minute walk from Parking Lot F.  We will also have a lost and found section at this location.  Lunch will be served in this area after the race.

Do I have to re-register if I already paid for the race event?

You must scan your tickets at Registration Desk and get a wristband to participate in the event.   You can show your QR code on your phone to scan it.

Will there be water stations or should we carry our own water bottles?


There will be aid stations approximately every 1.5 miles on the course. There will be water and light refreshments available at the aid stations.  


Are there bathrooms on the course?


There is a bathroom in Parking Lot F. Runners are encouraged to use the bathroom before the start of the race. There is another bathroom near Pit Stop 2. There will be signs with directions to the bathroom.


What time will the lunch be served?


Lunch will be served beginning at 11:30 am behind the Registration Desk area. Remember to keep your wristband on until you collect your lunch.

Can I bring my family along?

You are welcome to bring your family with you. If they plan to run with you or join you for lunch, get the appropriate tickets here. The lunch will be at the park, picnic style. Please feel free to bring a blanket or collapsible chairs as needed.

Where can I get my bib for the race?

You can download your bib from this link. Print this in A4 format and place it in a ziplock bag. You can either wear it on your shirt or on your thigh.

If your family member or a friend needs a bib please reach out to either your coach or a member of the tech team and they can get a bib prepared for you.

Additional Information for Full Marathoners.


Those who plan to do their full marathon on Oct 15th, please plan your run so that you complete it between 11:30 am-12:30 pm.  The course is open only at dawn and the aid stations will not be set up until after 8 am.  If you plan to start earlier than that, please bring Headlamps, reflective jackets, etc that can assist you in running in the dark. 


You can use Colonial Park for the first part of your run and join other runners at the D&R Canal after 8 am. If you plan to do that, use Parking Lot B to park your car, finish the first few miles at Colonial Park, and head over to D&R Canal after 8 am. You can keep your water, gel, etc. in your car for the first part of the run.


Below is a map of a six-mile loop in Colonial Park. (Courtesy @Nayana/@Moni).

Elevation Profile for the above six miles. Starting at Parking Lot B, run east towards Elizabeth Ave, make a right at Elizabeth Avenue, turn around at the traffic lights, go back to Colonial Park, go past Parking Lot B join the rest of the runners at the D&R Canal. Total six miles stretch. Finish the remaining run at the D&R Canal.

RHWB Colonial Park Elevation Profile.png
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