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Season 9 Registration

Registration Completed!


Hello Runners,



You are now successfully registered for the 'Season 9 Training Program with Runners High With Bala!' 


Here are the next steps:
1. Training Timeline

  • Dec 19th 2022: 2 weeks of Pre-Season Warm up starts.Complete all formalities. 

  • Jan 2nd 2023: S9 Full Season Training begins (16 weeks).

  • Feb 6th 2023: S9 Masters Program starts.

  • April 23rd  2023: Race Day.

2. You will soon be assigned a Coach: He/She will be contacting you shortly.  In the meantime, please sign-up to the website with your email  to learn more about this running program and a whole lot of additional information, links, podcast, etc. 


3. If you are new to the running program, now is a good time to shop around for some mandatory gear (as mentioned in the orientation training) required for this program such as running shoes, smart watch etc. Refer to gears for additional details related to running gear.


4. We encourage you to read through the following sections/links : 


5. Finally as a new runner, if you have any questions, feel free to post a message in the New Runners discussion forum.  A  friendly RHWB community member will happily  respond to you. 


Enjoy the upcoming running season!


Thank you

RHWB Management Team

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