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Saurabh Pradhan

" I don’t run to add days to my life. I run to add life to my days"

Saurabh is an RRCA certified coach who lives in Houston, Texas with his wife Aparna and two lovely daughters Nandini and Radha. Both Aparna and Nandini are part of the RHWB runner’s family. 

Saurabh has been passionate about sports since his childhood and represented his college in multiple sports. In addition to running, he enjoys swimming and badminton.

Saurabh’s running journey started when some of his friends decided to Run a Half Marathon in 2013. He and his friends trained themselves using running apps, tips, and tricks available on google and completed his Half Marathon.But he had to stop all sorts of high-impact sports due to his back injury. For almost 6 years he was out of action.

In Dec 2019, he was introduced to RHWB (Season 5) through Anirudha Joshi. In due course of time, the structured program of RHWB helped him to build core strength and muscle strength. He learned the right running techniques and completed another half marathon in 2020 without any injury or pain. It was fascinating to see how runners in RHWB inspire each other, support each other, and celebrate each other’s achievements.


During this journey, Saurabh realized that running is a team sport. Unknowingly, he inspired 20+ new runners from Houston who have become good friends and a big running family.

Till date Saurabh has completed 5 Half Marathons and he completed his first Full  Marathon @ Brooklyn live race in April 2022

Saurabh treats his team as family. I want to narrate an incident when on Dallas marathon, I completed the 5K race and stopped it just 2 seconds before the 5K finish line. Then Saurabh personally looked at all my Dallas Marathon data and made sure that I got a medal.

Saurabh is always there when I have a question or a concern. His encouragement is the main reason that I could do better in season 7.

-S7 Runner.


"Coach Induction Ceremony" - RRCA Black Jacket Award

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