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Sapna Mysore

 Do your best today.

 "Forever is composed of nows."

     -Emily Dickenson

Sapna lives in Westford, MA  with her husband Shridhar who is also an RHWB runner and marathoner, and 2 kids Aakansh and Aanika. She is from Bangalore and has been living in the Boston area for over 20 years.  Sapna is an IT professional working at Harvard University.


Growing up in India, she played some team sports for her school and was also active in some track and field events. Sports took a back seat while she moved to high school and college. She played some badminton for recreation. 


Sapna’s running journey started a few years back when she signed up with RHWB  to run a half marathon in Season 3 in 2020, just a few months prior to Covid. She has run six half marathons and one full marathon. Most of the initial races were virtual due to Covid, but since 2022 she has enjoyed running in Newport RI, CapeCod and most recently getting a PR in Maine.

Sapna enjoys traveling and visiting new places. She also enjoys hiking and has been on various hikes such as in the Swiss Alps, Everest Base camp, Grand Canyon, Annapurna Circuit Trek thanks to her good friend and Coach, Bala who introduced her to the world of hiking.


She is  a foodie as well . She loves junk food and chaat and is game any day for chit chat with friends over chai and chaat :-)  


Sapna feels, the energy, enthusiasm and the positive vibes in RHWB are very inspiring and make her a better runner.  She is looking forward to the upcoming seasons.


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