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Sapna Mysore

Technology Team



Hi, I am Sapna. I live in Westford, MA with my husband Shridhar who is also a runner with RHWB and 2 kids - Aakansh and Aanika. I am an IT professional  working at Harvard University.


Growing up in India, I played some team sports for my school and also did some  track and field in middle school. Everything took a back seat in high school and college while I played badminton for fun. 


I started running a couple of years back when I signed up for a HM in Season 3 at the beginning of Covid in 2020. S7 is my 5th season and I have run 4 HMs and one FM, all virtual except for the most recent one in S7 when I ran with family and friends at Newport, RI. 


I enjoy traveling and visiting new places. I also enjoy hiking and have been to various hikes such as Everest Base camp with my son, thanks to  my good friend and Coach, Bala who  introducing me to the world of hiking. I am a foodie as well . I love junk food and chaat and am game any day for chit chat with friends over chai and chaat :-)  


The  energy, enthusiasm and the positive vibes in RHWB are very inspiring and makes me a better runner.  I am  looking forward to the upcoming seasons.

Jul 2010 - 5K
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