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Technology Team

Rekha Sridhar

Falling down is a part of life. Getting back up is living

Rekha lives in Princeton, New Jersey with her husband Sridhar, daughter Iniya, and their lovely dog, Hazel. She feels like she's living with famous people in her own home! Managing social media for RHWB has made her feel like a star herself. It's helped her realize that she can inspire runners through social media. Rekha's distinctive style shines through in her Insta reels. Her creative and individualistic approach to content reflects her unique personality and creativity. Rekha enjoys her work for a utility company in Digital Marketing. 

Rekha's fitness journey started with RHWB, where she began running without any prior exercise experience. Thanks to fellow runners encouragement, she embraced running, especially during COVID. 

Through the challenges and victories of running, she's discovered her inner strength and determination. She's completed two half marathons and hopes to do a full marathon in future. Being a pacer for the masters at RHWB brings Rekha immense joy. She finds it inspiring to pace the masters on race days as it helps her seek their secret to such enduring happiness and zest for life after 70 years.

Traveling is her favorite pastime, especially exploring Europe with her family. Places like Portugal, Greece, and Spain are extra special to her because she’s  had amazing adventures and made wonderful memories.

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