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Ramanpreet Kohli

Technology Team



#Pre Run Notes:

I put on my running shoes, a new person I become,
Standing Tall,Standing Strong unfazed by the humdrum...

Hi,I am Ramanpreet Kohli, living in Edison,NJ with my husband Yogesh,2 wonderful children Riya & Neil and my 2 adorable fur babies Chess & Eddie.Yogesh & Riya are triathletes.Riya swims for Varsity swim team and Neil is a part of the MEY swim team.Chess & Eddie are pawathletes,always running around albeit without a structured training plan and running gear :-).

I work as an IT business analyst for Digital and Direct Marketing Programs with Qualfon.

I love writing and find humor in everyday life.An avid reader,a technical enthusiast,I believe in making a difference in every little way,I can. 

Make a difference somewhere,sometimes
Share your skill,a little bit of you.. 
Share some time,Share some craft
You'd be amazed what it can do..

As for my race journey,I have completed one 10K(2010) and 5 half marathons since 2011 .The euphoria and excitement of the race day compels me to sign up.I did finish but without a structured training plan,it was always a struggle.But now that I am a part of the inspiring RHWB family,the  finishing line appears closer.


#Post run notes:
The breeze on my face,
The dirt on my shoe lace,
The dull ache in the heel
Isn't this bliss I feel? 

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