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Running Watch (From $150)

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

A smart watch is a perfect companion for a runner as it keeps track of how far you are going and how fast you are going. It also measures your heart rate another important metric for a runner.

The smart watch connects to Final Surge an app that the Coaches use to monitor your running stats and provide feedback.​

Garmin is the brand used by most runners across the world as it provides the most accurate stats compared to other smart watches. It also connects seamlessly with other apps such as Final Surge (Our Coaching app) and Strava and provides a great ecosystem to monitor progress and improve on your running journey.

Apple watch can also be used with some workaround. See FAQ for details.

Other brands (Samsung, Amazon etc) are not currently supported by the program.​Garmin has a wide range of smart watches and some are more expensive than others.

Many runners in our club uses Garmin Forerunner series watches. They are rugged and some of the lower end watches are great starter watches for all new runners. Check out:

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