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Updated: Jan 10, 2022

As with any other sport, running requires appropriate gear that can not only prevent injuries but also provide a very pleasant training and running experience. Below are some essentials as recommended by the RHWB community.

Shoes $100-$150

A pair of well fitted running shoes will protect your feet from running surfaces, provide traction and absorb shock as you land on your feet. Therefore running shoes becomes the most important accessory in a runners gym bag.

It is highly recommended that you get your foot topographic done from a store that specializes in running equipment. They typically make you run on an a treadmill, take videos of your gait and provide personalized recommendations based on your individual profile. Look for a nearest store at or any store that specializes in running gears.

If budget allows get two pairs one for running during the week and another for weekend long runs as it improves the life span of the shoes. Do not use these shoes for any other activity (including walking). It is also recommended that shoes are replaced after 350-500 miles of running as the cushion and sole begin to wear down and reduces the performance and traction of the shoes.

Do not forget Running Socks($30-$50/3 pairs) and Customised InSole($85-$100) for your feet. Its a great investment to keep feet tightly hugged to shoes. Slips causes blisters which is not good.

Pro tip: You can add running shoes to your running app (Garmin, Apple etc) so you can keep track of the mileage.

Watch $169+

A smart watch is a perfect companion for a runner as it keeps track of how far you are going and how fast you are going. It also measures your heart rate another important metric for a runner. The smart watch connects to Final Surge an app that the Coaches use to monitor your running stats and provide feedback. Garmin is the brand used by most runners across the world as it provides the most accurate stats compared to other smart watches. It also connects seamlessly with other apps such as Final Surge and Strava and provides a great ecosystem to monitor progress and improve on your running journey. Apple watch can also be used with some workaround. See FAQ for details. Other brands (Samsung, Amazon etc) are not currently supported by the program. Garmin has a wide range of smart watches and some are more expensive than others. Many runners in our club uses Garmin Forerunner 235 and it goes on sale as low as $169 and packs with plenty of features.

Knee Braces $85

It is said that when you run you are putting nearly 7 times of your body weight on your knees. It is important that you consider wearing knee braces that provides additional support and stability to your knees as you run. This is an optional accessory and it is needed only when you notice knee related issues. It is also recommended for those that are 45 or over as a preventive step. There are many knee braces available in the market. You could get for as little as $10 in drug stores or in Costco. However it is highly recommended that you purchase the one shown here which is made by Bauerfeind ,a German company. This is of high quality and durable that lasts for years with proper maintenance. ​Amazon carries this brand and also goes on sale from time to time.


  1. Shorts or Tracks($25-$50) - Get which has mesh support inside. Get couple of them.Brooks,Adidas,Nike would be a good choice

  2. Shirt($25-$50): Get breathable clothes. Get couple of them with short sleeves and longer sleeves.

  3. Fleece Hoodie($30-$50): Get which covers neck and all the way up till chin to keep warm bodily air inside. Recommended Brands:Columbia or North Face

Running Accessories:

  1. Running Belt (water bottle) - Amazon Link

  2. Make sure you also order a good Gym Bag($25-$40) from one of the retail stores.

  3. Running cap($10-$20),Glasses($15-$30),Bandana are needed for Bright sun protection

After Dark:

Head Lamp($10-$15) - Get one if you love to run outside after dark. Amazon Link.

Reflective Vest Running Gear - It is mandatory to get a reflective vest anytime you run outside after dark. Amazon Link


Toes Home 6PCS Outdoor Magic Headband - This seems better than Balaclava.

Anti-Chafe cream - Amazon Link

Nuun Electrolyte tablets - This is a Must if you are running more than 5 miles. This takes care of Hydration eases salt depletion. Amazon Link

Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats for Walking - This is needed if you running one Icy condition. Amazon Link

NipStrips Best Nipple Chafing- This is recommended for Men running 10 miles and beyond. Amazon Link


The BFF Pro - Black - Amazon Link

LuxFit Foam Roller - Highly recommended if you are running 5 miles and beyond.

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