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'Reflections - The RHWB Podcast' Ep 5: Rock star parents and their star Junior Runners!

Updated: Mar 11

In this first of a kind podcast, our resident Podcaster Sonali Olitkar facilitates a fascinating discussion with 3 parents who are not only RHWB runners themselves but also parents of rock star runner kids of RHWB.

  • Amrutha Lokhande -Mother of 11 year old Vihaan & 5 year old Ryan

  • Sam Jha - Dad of 15 year old Ishaan and 9 year old Somya

  • Bharath Ramanna - Dad of 10 year old Ronith Bharatkumar

They reflect on not only their journey as a runner but also as a parent of a young RHWB runner. What it takes to make a kid do such incredible feats of consistency, commitment and passion. A 16 week long distance training program is grueling for adults and more so for kids. But these kids did just that. What went into it? What challenges they had to face and what innovative ideas and solutions they had to motivate their kids to do these amazing feats. Dont miss this super interesting chat to learn about all this and more. I am sure you would identify a thing or two with it.

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