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Randy Pandey

Hello Runners.., (Using my inner Coach Bala)

Can you beat me? My Dad calls me a Rocketman & you bet... Woof Woof!!!

Let me introduce myself first...

My Name is Randy Pandey but my dad calls me Lallu. I am a five-year-old Yorkie Bichon and love my sister Ananya, my brother Yash and of course my Mom Priti as she gives me a nice shower when I need it the most.

I love irritating dad by demolishing my bed every single day after breakfast and fighting with him when he tries to put it all together. By the way, I am a very outgoing boy and with every opportunity I get, I step out with my dad. Sometimes, I create an opportunity to go out with my dad. (Sharing my secret)

I heard you all runners love paneer & I love it too. It’s my best snack.

Hey, I love my family & I couldn't have asked more.

Maybe one day, I will treat you all with my favorite treat.

More later- Love you all,

Randy aka Lallu.

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