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Pacer Ram

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Woof! Woof! Woof!

First of all, I am big-time into food and treats.

My favorite food is yogurt and rusk. Rusk is sooo tasty, I love the crunchiness and sweetness of it. It is also extremely easy to get because when my parents wake up to have whatever they drink they drink it with rusk. I beg until they give me some and I always get it. I also like yogurt that creamy delight, well I technically like any food there is as long as it doesn’t make me feel sick.

Speaking of feeling sick...Iam really scared of deers.They creep me out. Sadly my family doesn’t hear their hooves, but whenI hear the slightest move outside, I immediately recognize if it is a deer or not. Since my family can’t understand meI give the alert growl. I do this to alert my family that we may be in danger.

My favorite times of the day are when I get to eat and when I go to get mail. Mail time is also my favorite because Sriram and I get to go and get the mail. He hands me the mail and I carry it like a soldier in my mouth. When I am bringing the mail I say to myself, “No matter what I will not let go of the mail”. WhenI do accidentally let go of the mail I get frustrated and start having a tantrum.

Overall I still think I am a great doggy. Lastly, every once in a while my parents give meat test to see who I like more. Unfortunately I don’t know who to pick. The test is fairly simple but I think it’s much harder than you think. They each call my name and I have to go to the one I like the most. I love all of them equally so I show that by sitting downright in the center.

Then comes the best part I get a treat becauseI did not pick a certain person and I feel very proud. Have fun running guys and I hope to also start running soon.

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1 Comment

Arvind Kandaswamy
Arvind Kandaswamy
Jan 29, 2022

Great to meet you Pacer! Love the way you carry mail with such great pride.

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