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Mexican Corn Salad

Mexican Corn Salad: A great tasting, very nutritious and filling dish that is super easy to make and wonderful for a runners palate. Try this out.

Total Cooking Time: 5-10mins

Expertise Level: Novice


1 Small Jicama

1 cup of corn

1/4 cup of Crunchy Corn

8 Cherry Tomatos

1 Onion

Little bit cashews/Peanuts/Walnuts.. whatever you have

3 tbsp Avocado Ranch Dressing

3 big tbsp of Cottage Cheese

Lime juice 1 tbs

Little salt and pepper to your liking, dressing with Coriander

How to do:

Just cut all the veggies above into small pieces, add the ingredients and nicely mix it. Key is to mix it really really well and enjoy!

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