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Knee Braces

Updated: Feb 27

It is said that when you run you are putting nearly 3 times of your body weight on your knees.

It is important that you consider wearing knee braces that provides additional support and stability to your knees as you run. This is an optional accessory and it is needed only when you notice knee related issues.

It is also recommended for those that are 45 or over as a preventive step.There are many knee braces available in the market.

While you could get for as little as $10 in drug stores or in Costco, it is highly recommended that you purchase the one shown here which is made by Bauerfeind ,a German company.

This is of high quality and durable that lasts for years with proper maintenance. ​Amazon carries this brand and also goes on sale from time to time. Pro Tip: 1. Make sure you measure your knee etc properly before you order. It needs to be snug fit 2. Always buy in pairs. Even if you need for one knee only.. better to wear both knees when you run. You never know the other knee is feeling it too.. just that one gave way earlier 3. While there are many models available in Bauerfeind, just go for the base version - Genu Train, Knee brace. It is great

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