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Hazel The Auzie

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

My name is Hazel Chozhan Aravindan, I live in Edison, New Jersey with my parents and 3 sisters.  I got a Tamil middle name to keep with my family tradition and I don't complain being boy name because I was my parent’s last hope of having a little boy. 

I am an Australian Shepherd originally bred for herding animals in a farm.  I still have the little bit of DNA left in me that shows up once in a while like when I find a bunny in my backyard.  And those squirrels! Can't stand those tiny creatures and I swear that one day I am going to learn how to climb a tree.  Sometimes people mistake me for a dog, because I am cute but I  try not to let it get to my head. I am also too smart for my own good.  Recently I have begun to understand the word “walk” even if it is spelled out. I think I could probably pass the SATs if I tried. My mom says I have both beauty and brains! 

I am a runner and love to run with my parents although I hate when they insist that I have to run in  a straight line. I mean, who does that? I am fluent in english but even more so in Tamil, my mother tongue. My favorite food is yogurt rice, ghee, or anything with butter. I love it so much my mom calls me her little Krishna because I always find a way to steal a little bit of milk or butter.  My sisters have a lot of nick names for me jaanu, meenakshi, ladoo  booba, hazie, silky bantu.. I have many frenemies Roxy Akizo Pebbles Casper Buddy Cody & Dobbs. Friends because they are so much fun to hang out with and enemies because they try to steal my parents from me. One sincere wish that I have is that this pandemic never ends so my family stays with me 24x7.

Now enjoy some pictures from my personal collection.

My 2021 Viral hit. Some say I stole milk while others say I stole hearts. You be the judge.

That's my first blog post folks and I hope I made my parents proud. If you like it please share, like and follow me for more such awesome stuff.

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