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Chess & Eddie Kohli

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Chess: Hi there! I am Chester aka Chess.

I am a Texas dude born in March 2019. I love sun, SOCKS, sleeping, snoring, swimming, snooping around dining room and simply being my family's favorite (though Eddie thinks otherwise....)

My favorite hobby is hiding Eddie's treats in backyard, and turning each pair of matching socks in this house to single status. While my mom needs compression socks to run around, all I need is any SOCK (size, shape, color doesn't matter) to snatch and run like the wind.

#RunnersLogic- I'm tired. Let me grab a SOCK and go for a run!!!

Eddie: Now that you have heard my Big Brother speak, time for my pawtale.

Hi,I am Edward aka Eddie..I am a Jersey guy born in Feb 2021.I am cute as a button and could easily pass of as Target's mascot dog.

My favorite hobby is digging dozens of holes in my family's backyard. My Dad loves to play this game with me.He fills up holes and I dig them back again ..super woof!!!! Though Chess is kind of mean yet nice (like all older siblings are) , but I still follow him all around.

Dog park is our favorite place.We love car rides, a swim in the lake and long walks. We don't #mindthemiles and are forever running around in our backyard chasing squirrels and playing tag.

Come and spend some time with us whenever you can.. I will give you all a run...oh wait!

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2 commenti

28 gen 2022

I believe Hazel may have met Chess at a dog park 2 years ago

Mi piace
Ramanpreet Kohli
Ramanpreet Kohli
29 gen 2022
Risposta a

Thanks Sridhar for sharing this ..its a small world indeed..

Mi piace
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