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Updated: Jan 11, 2023

1. What is the RHWB organization?

Running High With Bala (RHWB) is a nonprofit running club organization with a core mission to “Develop, connect and create a strong network of amazing human beings”. At core, the goal is to help participants achieve their 5K, 10K, Half/Full/Ultra Marathon through a 16 week training program. RHWB is led by its founder; Head Coach Bala with support from 9 assistant coaches and management team.

2. Is RHWB registered as a Non Profit organization?

Legally no. For admin and control purposes I have registered this as RHWB LLC (just done recently). Very soon we will have RHWB LLC Venmo, Paypal etc instead of my personal one. That said, we are operating the entire biz as non profit. As in we are seeking a minimal amount to keep the org running - Think Final Surge Subscription, admin cost, Zoom links, adobe sign etc. Our goal is not to make money with this.. but rather to drive impact in people's lives!

3. How many seasons has RHWB completed so far?

RHWB has successfully completed 6 seasons so far. Season7 is tagged as “MindOverMiles” and will be officially kicked off on Monday – Dec 20th

4. Is there any eligibility to join RHWB ?

Everyone is welcome. All we ask is Commitment, Resilience and attitude to have fun.

5. I have completed all my onboarding registration formalities (waivers etc.) What should I do next?

  • Know your Coach

    • If your registration is complete, you should be seeing your Assistant coach allocation here.

  • Setup Final Surge on your phone

    • Final Surge is the app we use to coach you. This is the app where you will get weekly instructions

    • You will soon get invited to FINAL SURGE (coaching app) to your unique email id from our management team. Make sure you have provided unique email IDs for all runners in your family (including kids).

    • Clock on the email link and register in Final Surge, download the app on phone and connect your running watch to the phone.

    • Your ACs will soon set up smaller AC cohorts in whatsapp. This will be a much smaller group for ACs to help you getting #3 done and answer all your questions as well in a much smaller group setting (easier to manage)

    • Buy Apple or Garmin watch (if you don’t have it already).

    • After you set up Final Surge (FS) and your watch you should go for a trial run/walk with your watch to see all data is flowing correctly and your AC is able to see etc. (ACs will help you with that too)

6. I saw my AC allocation.. Can I get another one?

All our ACs are great.. They all are passionate runners and are rigorously trained. A lot of thought has gone into it to create a framework to allocate an AC.. So pls stick with the allocation. You will soon get to know & love your ACs, your AC Cohorts and hopefully your runs!

7. Why am I paying $50 when I hear someone else is paying only $15?

$50 - New Runner Registration fees and season training fees

$15 - Return runner season registration

Note: This is the cheapest form of coaching you will get anywhere on running. And what we offer is not just boilerplate coaching, we strive to provide customized coaching at scale by folks who truly are driven by driving impact in other people's lives and a way to connect to a vibrant community of global runners (aka amazing human beings!). I sincerely hope by end of this season you will see the value far outweigh the $$ you are putting in now

Getting Ready to Run

8. Do you have any recommendations for Shoes?

Shoes are the most important purchase you will make. Road-running shoes are designed for pavement and occasional forays onto packed surfaces with slight irregularities. There is no one-size-fits-all shoe. Depending on your running style, you will have to choose a pair of shoes from the three categories of running shoe support. If you are in New Jersey, visit store to find out which shoe style best fits you.

9. Do I really need to buy a watch? Why can't I manage it with just my phone?

Well fair question.. the larger question you should ask yourself though is Do I really need a formal coach and a structured coaching program?..

If the answer is Yes.. then yes you need a watch.. else your coach won't be able to see your runs, your runs metrics and give you .. err..coaching.

If the answer is No.. then of course you do not need a watch and you do not need a coach or this program either! 🙂. So you should consider leaving this program.

Net net.. the answer is YES

10. Why are you insisting on Garmin or iwatch.. why not FS or Samsung or other watches?

First of all Garmin is the Rolls Royce of running watches. They are world class, affordable, rugged and have their own GPS Satellites orbiting the earth. (So not dependent on your phone to measure your runs or other third party providers). Garmin was originally a GPS company!

The key requirement for us is your running watch is able to track all the running metrics and transfer it to the coaching app. All watches except Garmin and iWatch do not do this correctly and hence coaching gets disrupted. No Metrics .. No coaching!

Finally.. you are on a journey now to transform hopefully your lifestyle with running. Consider this a small investment on yourself!

11. How do I connect my watch to Final Surge?

12. Where can I see recommendations for all running gear?

We have compiled our recommendation on all running gear. Please visit here to get more details :

Things to know during the Running Season

13. How do I check my assigned tasks in the Final Surge Calendar?

Please refer to following YouTube Video :

14. How do I log my strength Training and Cross Training in Final Surge?

Please refer to following YouTube Video :

15. How do I record Strides / Short Sprints ?

Please refer to following YouTube Video :

16. What is a conversational Pace (CP)

Please refer to following YouTube Video:

Still need help?

Post your query in “RHWB S7: New Runners” Whatsapp Group

If you have a coach assigned, please DM your coach.

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