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"Run more give more"


Miles Run


That's how much we, RHWB as a group has donated to the charity of your choice till date without actually spending a dime from your wallet. 


Intrigued?   Read on.

‘RHWB’s mission is ‘To Build a Network of amazing Human Beings’.


One common trait of amazing human beings is to give liberally to others - Individuals & Organizations.  We use running as a medium to bring together these amazing individuals and with this we can provide an opportunity for them to contribute to a charitable organization of their choice by leveraging ‘CHARITY MILES’ app.


Charity Miles is an organization that helps convert running miles into charity dollars – by collaborating with business enterprises and leveraging their contributions to charities as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budgets. 

Past seasons this was our contributions: 
Season 5 -  54 registered runners, around 3K miles  and ~
$600 contributed
Season 6- 110 registered runners, around 20K miles and ~ $4,900 contributed

Season 7- 208 registered runners, around 39K miles and ~ $7,800 contributed

Season 8- 228 registered runners, around 46K miles and ~ $9,100 contributed

Season 9- 233 registered runners, around 52K miles and ~ $10,400 contributed

Season 10- 268 registered runners, around 48K miles and ~ $9,500 contributed

 Together we can make a meaningful impact by donating our miles to a cause that we believe in. Details Below.

Install Charity Miles and Connect with Strava with 5 simple steps in 5 min or less

Prefer a video setup guide instead? Click here

1. Install the Charity Miles App (CM app) and create your login


2. Select the Charity Organization: In the app, It will ask you some basic personal questions and give you a choice to finally choose your charity name (among about 40 organizations, the one you want to contribute your miles to).


3.  Connect Charity Miles and Strava: Click on the top right hand “Gear” icon. ‘Click on ‘Strava’ and login to Strava  (using your Strava username and password). Once connected, you will see a ‘green tick’ next to Strava’ in the ‘Settings(gear)’ page. 


4.  Join the RHWB group in Charity Miles: Click on the “Group” icon at the bottom (three individuals next to each other) of the CM app. Search for ‘RHWB’, select the group to join. That's it!


5. Review your info: By clicking the ‘My Profile’ icon at the bottom-right most, you can see your mile contributions, the overall contributions made to that charity


For example: Vidyuth is contributing to Susan Komen Foundation. He has contributed 107.54 miles across 21 sessions. Susan Komen Foundation has received $7,939 dollars from all contributors in Charity Miles…


That's it!. You are now part of this Leaderboard of 113 fine individuals who decided to make a difference in the world by staying fit and donating to a cause at the same time.

Screenshot_20220209-180608_Charity Miles.jpeg

If you are still having trouble installing and configuring CharityMiles app, please watch this helpful video.  

video guide
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