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"Do your duty without thinking about results.

Results will follow."

Manoj, an avid runner and accomplished Abbott World Major 6 star finisher residing in Princeton, NJ with his wife and two children (aged 19 and 15), holds running close to his heart. Before 2015, fitness wasn't a top priority until the loss of his dad prompted a shift. Exploring various sports for a healthier lifestyle, he found solace in running in 2016/2017.

Since then, he completed 30 plus marathons, becoming a cornerstone for activities like mountaineering. With pride, Manoj highlights scaling various mountains, including notable summits like Cotopaxi, Kilimanjaro, Mt Whitney.


Fueled by a strong thirst for adventure, he embraced the Iron Man challenge despite lacking swimming skills.

Determined to try, he learned to swim in 2023 and accomplished his first 70.3 IM in July 2023. Lake Placid's 140.6 IM is next on Manoj's list.


In recent years, Manoj shared his passion by mentoring friends, leading him to the RHWB community founded by Coach Bala Sankaran. United by a shared mission to give back, Manoj embraced the role of a coach.


Reflecting on coaching, he shares, "The most beautiful moments in life are meant to be shared and given away." Eagerly anticipating the new season, Manoj looks forward to connecting with more runners, joyfully sharing the pure essence of running.


Manoj Ostawal


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