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NYC Full Marathon

Another marquee marathon major. Ups and downs. Bridges after 13 miles makes the course hard. Not a PR course typically. But nothing can beat a NYC marathon experience. WHole city is shut down and is behind the runners to cheer!



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NYC Marathon was my first marathon and as one can imagine, my expectations were through the roof but the Big Apple did not disappoint. It delivered on the hype and then some more. I qualified through NYRR's 9+1 program for a guaranteed spot in the marathon and I encourage everyone in the tri-state area to look into this program as this is the funnest way to get into a world major marathon.

NYC marathon course is one of the hardest of all international marathon courses. The course has almost no flat zones and runs through a few infamous bridges. The race attracted over 50K runners yet the race was very well organized with thousands of volunteers manning the water stations at almost every mile. For me, the best part of the race was seeing fellow RHWBians at mile 20.

at the start line with coaches Dr. Shalini and Nayana.

Another highlight of my race is that my family was there to cheer me at the finish line.


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