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Deepak Ranjan

" Don’t Crack Under Pressure,

 Fortune Favors the Bold"

Deepak is an RRCA certified coach, an Ultra Marathoner, a Biker, a Dreamer, spiritual human being, an entrepreneur & risk-taker, a philosopher, a stock market geek, a coffee and pastry lover, music lover.


Deepak’s journey with RHWB started in March of 2019 and his lovely wife Moni, daughter Diya and son are also in the running program. Deepak has completed 7 half marathons, 5 full marathons and 1 ultra marathon (50 miles). Finishing 50 miles on October 09, 2021 has changed the whole perspective in life. Running is meditation in motion and it is a time to connect to higher conscience and a time for reflection. Deepak feels divine presence, almost every time, during long runs and has no experience of pain or suffering during the runs.

Deepak loves to have great and long conversations about every possible subject and learn from other’s perspectives. Deepak focuses on positive self talk, positive self awareness and self image building for those around him. 


Deepak also loves to hike in mountain peaks or around the river banks and feels that these natural elements are alive. Deepak loves to visit a few new cities every year and try local coffee, cheese and bakery items.


Deepak is an avid listener of good podcasts about running, life, philosophy, business and dharmic life. Deepak loves to give back to the community through participating in charitable causes. Deepak hopes to understand the true meaning of life and make an impact on this world for good.

Deepak has been a huge pillar of strength. During my first week, I wrote 60 reasons why I can’t run. He patiently addressed each and every reason and convinced me to run. The best coach one could have!

What I appreciate about coach Deepak is his devotion and dedication toward runners. I wouldn’t have been able to complete my HM without his guidance when I had a medical issue. 

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"Coach Induction Ceremony" - RRCA Black Jacket Award

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Coach Bala in conversation with Coach Deepak & few senior runners

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