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RHWB Mission: To develop, connect and create a strong network of amazing human beings 


"A Good Coach Can Change A Game..A Great Coach Can Change A Life"

We execute this mission by providing a structured training program that develops and nurtures great runners while simultaneously fostering a sense of community. Together, we strive towards a healthier, happier, and more connected community of passionate runners and extraordinary human beings. We deliver our training program through well trained, well intentioned and knowledgeable Coaches. 

We are seeking amazing human beings from our community to join our Coaching team to help us in our mission and change few lives in the process!

WHAT IS IN IT For you?

  • An opportunity to influence and change many human beings lives under your tutelage

  • An opportunity to get immense personal satisfaction in sharing your running knowledge and get what we call #Coach'sHigh!

  • Join our RHWB Core management team and shape the future of RHWB

  • Develop skills that heretofore not known to you that you have!

What are the requirements to be an RHWB Running Coach?

  • Successfully completed atleast 3 seasons with RHWB. Non-consecutive seasons are OK!

  • Belief in our core mission - " Develop, connect & create a strong network of amazing human beings" and be a ambassador of our founding principles

  • Upto 5 hours per week on an avg of your time  to monitor, coach your cohort and time to time taken on some management tasks for RHWB

  • A mindset to 'Give more than take'

  • Be ready to Complete RRCA Level 1 Coaching certificate program (RHWB will subsidize the cost) 

  • Be able to assist in running and general fitness related queries from runners time to time


What is not needed or expected from you?

  • No need to be a fast runner! (Even Kipchoge has a coach who is lot slower than him!)

  • No prior coaching experience needed! (We will train you to be an awesome coach)

Excited and want to join the team?
Fill in the below details and we will contact you. A short connect with few of our coaches will follow. 

What does Coaching mean to you and why at RHWB?

Thank you for submitting. We will be in touch with you shortly.

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