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Our Vision

Long distance endurance running is a medium for us to execute our mission. We imagine a world where RHWB has touched and drove a positive impact across 1000+ families spread globally by end of 2023.

Building A Better World One Runner At A Time

Our Mission

Develop, connect and create a strong network of amazing human beings.


Amazing Humans = Enjoy Success and learn from failures + Help Others + Constantly be in state of self motivation + Positive mindset


Total # of Seasons Thus far: 8

Total # of Runners @RHWB: 500

Total # of Juniors  @RHWB: 100

Female/Male Ratio @RHWB: 55% women

Age Profile @RHWB:6 - 70 years


RHWB Pro v/s Lite

Currently we provide two training versions - Pro, Lite. Both the training programs are administered over an online coaching platform. The key difference being an availability of a coach to provide 1-1 training.

Wavy Abstract Background

our story

RHWB began with an objective to develop kids with strong character who are physically and mentally fit to take on the rigors of life. Over many seasons we have grown from those humble beginnings to drive impact to 100s of amazing human beings around the world through the medium of long distance running.


With our 10+ RRCA certified training coaches, we deliver structured long distance training programs. What makes us different is we do not just stop at providing a training plan. That is just the start of our journey. We work intimately with our runners to develop strong character that is needed to take on this big challenge. As an organization our focus thus far has been ‘Couch to running’ segment

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