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Arvind Kandaswamy

 Do your best today.

 "Forever is composed of nows."


RHWB is proud of its humble roots in creating a running program meant for kids living in a small neighborhood within Edison NJ. But today RHWB is a global juggernaut that trains and motivates hundreds of runners across the world.  A pivotal part in scaling the organization is its technology team led by Arvind Kandaswamy.


Arvind was originally inspired by the ‘A Year of Running’ campaign run by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg back in 2017 and picked up running to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, lack of proper training led to many injuries forcing Arvind to take a sabbatical from running. He discovered RHWB through a friend and his running journey with RHWB started in Season 5. Since then, he completed few Half Marathons and gearing up to run the NYC marathon in November 2023.


He believes running is a powerful antidote to stress and runners’ high is drug-free way to improve mental health. Since he mostly works out of his home, he uses his daily running workouts to step out and connect with nature.

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Arvind giddily talks about the impact RHWB made on him.  “It showed me how running is not a solitary activity but a team sport. It taught me how a structured training program can deliver sustainable results. Bala’s contagious enthusiasm, Coaches’ collective knowledge and wisdom and the relentless motivation and exuberant energy from fellow runners all makes the program a worthy endeavor” says Arvind.


He lives in Edison NJ with his wife Kanchana and three daughters and an Australian Shepherd Hazel. They are a family of runners like many in RHWB are. He is a data scientist working for Massachusetts based Raytheon Technologies.

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