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 "I don't stop when I'm tired,

  I stop when I'm done."

Meet Aparna, who lives in Silicon Valley, California with her husband, Chhatrapal, and two lovely kids, Vikrant, and Oshin. Her entire family is a part of the RHWB family. 

She is passionate about dancing, hiking, running, swimming, and gardening. She practices daily yoga in routine life and is a firm believer in the idea that health is wealth.


She has a Masters in Computer Application and recently got her MBA. She works as Senior Product Manager in a telecom company and is passionate about building a user experience that delights meaningful real-life interaction.


Her running journey started during COVID-19 when the whole world was quarantined.  She was introduced by one of her friends in RHWB. She has completed 4 half marathons, improving her personal record by 18 mins.

During her RHWB journey, she realized that this group is not just about running, but also about giving back to the community, which was one of the strong reasons to join this group as an Assistant Coach with Bala. As a coach, she would like to emphasize three things along with making Running FUN !!!


Personal branding. It’s not about fame, rather personal branding is about building influence and confidence, especially encouraging women in leadership, dealing with challenges, and building a community.


Nutrition. In simple words, simple dietary changes can have a profound impact on health and energy levels.

Meditation. Mindfulness is key to keeping you focused and calm.


Aparna Bhende

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