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 "I don't stop when I'm tired,

  I stop when I'm done."

Meet Aparna Bhende, a resident of Silicon Valley, California, where the vibrant tech scene is complemented by stunning natural landscapes. As an avid runner, Aparna has been a dedicated member and coach of RHWB since season 4. Her passion for healthy eating led her to earn a Nutrition Certification from Stanford Medicine.


Aparna loves the outdoors and takes full advantage of California's year-round favorable weather for hiking, trekking, and running. She finds peace and beauty in nature, whether it's hiking the 6,500-foot peaks of Yosemite or enjoying the serene shores of Lake Tahoe. Weekends often find her running and exploring the trails of South Bay, soaking in the breathtaking views of mountains, beaches, and wildflowers. Hiking, for her, is a joyful communion with nature, where she feels free and alive.


There is one adventure Aparna hasn't tried yet—climbing mountains in the snow. The sight of snow-covered peaks excites her, and she has decided to take on this challenge. She imagines the crisp mountain air and the crunch of snow under her boots. For her, the journey and discovering new things are more important than reaching the summit. 

Aparna lives with her husband, Chhatrapal, and their two children, Vikrant and Oshin. The whole family is part of the RHWB community. Aparna also loves dancing, swimming, and gardening, and practices yoga daily.


She believes “You Are What You Eat." Professionally, Aparna holds a Master's in Computer Applications and an MBA in Marketing. She works as a Senior Product Manager in a telecom company, focusing on creating enjoyable user experiences. Aparna's running journey began during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to a friend from RHWB.


She has completed nine half marathons and enrolled in a marathon this season. RHWB is not just about running for Aparna; it’s about community and giving back, which inspired her to become a coach alongside Bala.


As a coach, Aparna focuses on three key things to make running enjoyable:

  • Personal Branding: Building confidence and influence, especially encouraging women in leadership, tackling challenges, and building community.

  • Nutrition: Showing how simple dietary changes can greatly improve health and energy levels.

  • Meditation: Promoting mindfulness to stay focused and calm.


Aparna Bhende

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Coach Aparna was Very dedicated, focused and took time to review each and every workout, runs throughout the season . Her zoom calls were extremely insightful and full of great tips and techniques that helped me tremendously in exceeding my objectives. Thank you Coach Aparna and RHWB team for everything.

Coach Aparna was incredible. Love her energy, her passion and the care she shows for her runners. Always available and supportive of your plans. So glad I could work under her. Planning to do my 10k in the next season and looking forward to working with her again.

My whole experience with RHWB has been great as well! Aparna is an excellent coach. She is very knowledgeable and explains things well also. I have been having knee, ankle issues since I injured myself on the runs. She has patiently and kindly guided me when I was working only on the exercises and not the runs - how and when to ice, when to rest, which other exercises to do. And now that I have restarted the runs/walks, she has been making an individual plan for me. She is THE BEST. Personally connected to me all the time. Helped to navigate through my injury. And even followed up regularly my diet plans and recovery plans. Thanks 

Coach Aparna is a fantastic coach who works with you very closely and gives really valuable feedback and tips to improve with great positive motivation!! Absolutely love her involvement and dedication Really great coach always supportive and giving great advice on tips and training

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