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"Run Slow to Run Fast."

Abhishek was introduced to running in 2016 through his colleague, a half marathoner who had traveled to Houston to compete in a half marathon event.  Abhishek understood the health benefits of running and decided to give it a shot. His love for nature, being outside, and breathing fresh air pushed him to become a hardcore runner, and he slowly but steadily moved from 5K to 10k, 10k to half marathon, and half marathon to full marathon.


In December 2020, he was introduced to RHWB. In due course of time, the structured program of RHWB helped him to build core strength and muscle strength. He learned the right running techniques and was able to achieve respectable finish times for HM and FM races without any injury or pain.

It was fascinating to see how runners in RHWB inspire each other, support each other, and celebrate each other’s achievements.


In his past 8 years of running, Abhishek has completed 11 marathons and 100+ HMs. Through the running journey, he has learned to respect the sport, not overdo training, and to run for oneself and not for stats or others. 

Abhishek's approach to coaching relies primarily on understanding the detailed running metrics and adopting a science-based view to improvement with a focus on nutrition and strength training to avoid injuries


Abhishek Sinha

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