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Technology Team

Aakansh Mysore

 "Wanting to be someone else is a  waste of who you are!"

                        -Kurt Cobain

Aakansh Mysore is a 17 year old rising senior in high school who lives in Westford, MA with his family. His parents, Sapna and Shridhar, are both veterans of RHWB, and his younger sister Aanika is also runner within the program. He is very involved with Runner's High family, and loves interacting with and being a part of the RHWB community.

Aakansh is highly interested in the computer science field, and therefore spends some of his free time in helping out with the technology side of Runner's High, serving as the youngest member of the RHWB Tech team.Over the  past few seasons he has taken over generating bibs for all the RHWB runners, followed by generating personalized certificates at the end of each season.

From there, he started to delve deeper by refining the image generation code, revising and sending out mass emails, editing the user interface of the website, and more.

Outside of working with software, Aakansh enjoys spending time with his family, playing video games and sports, robotics, hiking, and learning new ideas in the STEM field. He has been on numerous hikes in the White mountains, and been to Everest Base Camp and the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal with family and friends.  He hopes that as time goes on, he will be able to do even more to help in RHWB's continued growth. Aakansh believes that his role in RHWB has definitely helped him learn some great skills, and has taught him multiple valuable lessons that he will take into college and beyond.

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